Thursday, September 16, 2010

To write a blog

I am reading so many blogs to understand how to write a blog.. From that i got to understand few things..(Learnt from other blogger)

1... Initiate ourselves to write

2.... Be aware/ conscious on whats happening around and within you.. I just leave every little thing around me without noticing it.. Need to create that awareness..

3... dont hesitate on what ever you need to express. This is my space and I can scribble my thoughts

4... Enjoy your own writings as you do while reading others.

5... If you want to write it down anything that struck you, immediately do it. Dont think on topics everyday and finally end up without one.

6... Language is seriously issue with me for writing. But I am ok now to pen down in a simple way...positive about it...

I just wrote it for me to remember and not let me down at any time...

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