Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kadantha kaala ninaivugalil indraya deepavali

I have so much to cherish when I think of Deepavali.... I am so delightful of having 20 years of pure joy in celebrating any festival!!

Celebration starts since one week.. Different kinds of sweets and snacks.. Smells all round the house. We share it before Diwali....

Day before we collect all new dresses and keep manjal on that.
Getting up early in the morning.. Just dressed in old clothes waiting for everyone to come to get dress and blessings from my ayya!!! Immediately run to change the new dress.. Showing everyone nalla iruka nalla iruka nu:) Starting together to temple..Wishing everyone... Happy deepavali!! Iniya Diwali Nalvalthukal!!!! Whatever ways we can and to how many ever people we know..  Returning home to eat the delicious breakfast..Now I feel how hard to make all this. But I never felt the tiredness in my amma and chithis face.. they were so happy to prepare all that...!!! Then comes the traditional pati mandram Solomon papaya in everyone house.. they discuss laugh talk about it with so much excitement... Such a big menu for Lunch mixed of veg and non veg.. Mutton chicken what not!!! valai elai potu!! Wow to think itself gives so much pleasure....

Main part of Diwali Crackers!!! Which we used to get from Sivakasi and distribute among ourselves..
When we were we used to watch all the tricks done by Raju Anna with Bijili vedi!! chumma athruthula....
Mornings full of sounds and night full of lights... 10000 wala is one of our trademarks in our street... May be our neighbours may wait when these people will burst 10000 wala.. Late evening we call everyone outside to see the sara vedi!!.. The noise we make superseded the crackers:) we have competitions too in our street:)  We collect all flower pots kambi mathapu changu chakaram in a box and start to keep that... You should see the happiness in our ladies because they enjoy keeping it... It lasts for more than 2 hrs... We missed to take pictures of those scenes!!! Its captured only in our minds!!!

Oops how could I forget a most waited part for us.. that's the Diwali gift from each of my uncles!. It varies from 10Rs to 100 RS. This is the pocket money for the whole year.. We buy gifts using those money!!!  We used to fight for the money given to my mother... My dad and other uncles used to get that 10 rupees bundle.
Collection will be around 250 rupees to 300 rupees. the value of that money can never match with whatever we earn now!!!..

Our day ends with full of lights in our minds!!!!

Running through the past bringing tears in my eyes!!! Thank God for giving me such a wonderful childhood...

HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!!!!!!